The Art of Gratitude  for a happier Mom and a happier child!

Our children really pose the capacity to provide us with the deeper lessons for a better living.

It is very surprising how a child, a toddler posses the art of gratitude. My young daughter, with just 2 ½ years  expresses  to me so much gratitude, and therefore, she  makes lots of smiles. When I am doing something she wants or needs, even basic things as bathing, brushing, etc, she turns to me and says: “Mommy a present for you”. She has already given me her clothes, shoes, blankets, toys, favorite animals, the house we live in, the sky, the beach, and today she gave me her school. She was so grateful to me that I picked her up at school and devoted some minutes to chat with her classmates, that she looked at me, opened her arms, lifted her head and  with a happy  expression on her face, she gave me the whole school.   And that gratitude makes me feel really special for her. Then, I came home thinking how easily she express  her gratitude and now easy we forget to express it to ourselves, our beloved ones, or those who give us a hand here and there. I feel in her expression, her word and  her body movements her gratitude to me, but better than that I feel this warm energy immersing in my heart and surrounding my whole body.   So now I am understanding the true meaning of gratitude: “The capacity to project your thankfulness energy at a level that can warm  the other person’s energy bodies, get a smile from them and create a deeper heart connection”.

So instead of saying “ Go nuts and be happy” I would say: “ Go be grateful and feel happier”.

Our children really posses the capacity to provide us with the deeper lessons for a better living.

We need to be connected to feelings like gratitude to our children, because it boosts our inner peace. It allows us to be aligned to the universe harmony and from there our responses to the child’s defiant attitude, impatient inquiries, or other tantrums, will be more under control in our tone of voice  and the way we  address them wiyh commands and requirements. Don’t think this is the seventh time of the day that he or she does this or that, live moment by moment and address every issue like if it is the first time. Children learn by repetition, yet they will learn faster, better and without trauma or fear to their parents if this repetition is made with love and peace. I grew up with a lot of fear to my father, by then I learned that I didn’t want my children to fear me, I wanted them to respect me because they love me and they care about me, but not because they feel fear. Fear and love is not a good mix, it shouldn’t be that way. Love and gratitude will end in respect, that is a better combination. So play you day for that one!

We should think, what should we be grateful to this person for? And from there express our gratitude.  I am sure that we will have a positive answer for every person we know. Even though, those with whom the relationship was not what we expected. They are the ones who have provided us the personal laboratory to learn how to give without expecting something back, how to have our hearts always open indistinctively of  their reactions. These are the opportunities in which we grow inside, we expand our understanding capacity and we create better tools to master the art of relationships. The practice of one art can lead us to another. If we learn from our children the art of gratefulness, we learn the art of relating to one another.



Observation is a key element!

Trough observing our children we come to understand the meaning of a peaceful moment.  Sometimes when they are doing an activity by themselves, it  could be just holding a little animal in their hands, and you approach  them trying to guide them  to do something else you notice they don’t listen much. When they listen to your command they cannot change the activity as fast as we wish, because they are in total connection with the object, the exploration of what they  have in their hands, their imagination or the experience itself.

If we go deeper into that experience we can perceive that  in their childhood they experience a deeper connection with all that they do, or with those things that appeal to their interest. So they focus and remain in silence  for short periods of time within a journey of understanding the unknown.  If we  as parents could make that connection for short periods of time during the day we would be experiencing a highly concentrated meditation. What you observe becomes you and you become what you are observing. That is what the child  achieves without intellectual knowledge about it, they  naturally hold the universal wisdom of connecting to a deeper reality within.


When I tell my daughter that I will do something special for her that day like bake  a cake or bring a friend to the house that she loves, she stops what she is doing and look to my eyes with surprise and nods her head saying: ”Yes mom”. Her eyes and face expression are telling me: “ Mommy I really believe you and I can’t wait for  that to happen”. My intention and her trust energy makes us to become one in that moment.  What I tell her I will do,  I will do it for sure, unless it is something out of my hands to control. It is amazing to see that no one tells our children to believe,  no one tells our children to trust, to let themselves be embraced for what has been told to them. However, they know how to trust, they have this tremendous potential of believing. The younger they are the stronger they believe. Believing is a talent.  As human beings we have lost  a lot of this potential, because we have disconnected to one another. To believe demands that you become one with the transmitter. Receptor and transmitter becomes one. Our little children don’t have yet the judgment brain awake. We live with our judgment brain every second and it is a lot of work to silence the judgment of the mind and logic of the brain and proceed to trust with the power of your heart.

So, tell your children only what you will do. Look at their eyes and from that energy of trusting you are receiving, we need to be convinced that trusting is necessary to connect to each other and evolve as one single particle.

What better way to develop in awareness of self than through the gift of a child? The relationship between us and our children  is by far one of the most profound relationships we experience in life.

S. Yanimananda

Pursuing Vibration… A TasK to Parents!

Young families are so busy taking care of the children and looking forward to push out  professional careers, that sometimes connecting   with the inner self  takes no position at all on their priority list.

Whatever we pursue is what we offer our children.  If we could give them not only the motivation to be the best of what we think  is the best, if we could give them more than our example as truthful individuals, we would be able to offer more about the spiritual awakening interest.

A new day, a new sunlight every morning is the meaning that there is something we need to achieve, to learn about the sun we carry within. A new night with its sky full of stars is the message that a cycle is closing and I should have taken the best of the day to learn more about our inner cosmos.  With the same intensity I pursue my careers projection, my business goals, my relationship progress I should pursue for vibration!

Today it has been a busy day for me as usual, but there was a call inside that I should attend to a meeting with my spiritual eyes, Father Osiris. I postponed everything I had to do for a later moment and I went to this encounter with the expression of the universe in the voice of my  Master. We meditated together and it that meditation I got so much energy, so much enthusiasm that  I did perceive a beautiful vibration flowing all around my body. During that special moment  I understood more the purpose of my existence, the essence of this day, this present moment.  I can now breathe slower and deeply than what I was doing in this  day full of activity. My heart is in such a peaceful vibration now that just breathing connects me to  my energetic nature.  So, my energy bodies have been nurtured, my Chi has been enhanced and therefore I have something new to share with my little one: “vibration”. I will go to her bed, give her a kiss and this universe I am feeling will be felt by her.  Feeling   just a glimpse  of connecting to our most divine essence provides   the joy of  fulfillment within. Therefore we can carry in that connection our  beloved ones.  So add to your everyday task “Pursuing vibration”.. The one who pursues will achieve, the one who achieves its purpose is ready to start again a new day in the search of vibration.

To realize how much focus you are devoting  into every day’s energy discovery you can ask yourself:

What did I do today in order to nurture my subtle energy nature?

From the 14 to 16 hours I am awake every day, how much time do I devote to connect the divine essence living within?

If the previous question has an anwer of “0”, then you may ask yourself: How much time of the  98 hours of being awake in a week, do I devote to enhance my spiritual development?

You can compare the answer with the results to the following question:

“From the 98  hours I am awake during a week how much time do I dedicate to eat and process the food in my physical body?”. Answer is easy: All day!

There is always a body that concentrates most of our effort to provide health and general well being: “The physical body”. But this is not the only body we have. So this perspective  may show us now  that the other subtle bodies might have been starving for some doses of energy to enlighten its mission and therefore to  give your existence a deeper meaning.  Whatever you nurture your children will learn to nurture as well. If life is being only physical for you, it will be for them. If life is being a spiritual transition, an opportunity to our evolution, their lives will be encouraged  to have the experience of a higher vibration day by day. If we are all in that task, our connection as human beings will arise as the connection between stars of the universe. Finally that is what we are, stars and cosmic powder.

S. Yanimananda

You can trigger spiritual neuron connections in your child!


Children develop their neuron connections accordingly to what we exposed them. Even though, they won’t remember experiences, faces, for about their first 5 years, they do record every experience in a subconscious mind. They can remember  smells, tastes, feelings, sensations, etc. Anything that was a traumatic experience for them in their first years, they will always have it recorded in their subconscious.  In the same way, they remember joyful experiences and they will record that information in the subconscious.

Children are  naturally intuitive and perceptive, so if a song produced them happiness, because they perceive its vibration, they might not remember the song, but they will store the information in the brain, that  says: “That particular song produces such a feeling”. If years later they hear again the song, their  body chemicals  will propel  information to the brain, arousing in the body the same  sensation. Therefore, if you expose your child to  meditation, mantrams, sacred songs,  inspirational dances,  yoga poses, yoga pictures, meditation images, spirituality mini video clips, nature photography, harmony vibrations from the way you speak to others and to him, they will store that information as well. They will remember that watching those videos, pictures, etc, produced a relaxing sensation, a different kind of happiness, therefore their  hearts go slower, and their minds feel more harmonious.

It is important to meditate about your child, take a moment to breath and silence your mind, connect to your higher self and with your hand in your heart try to feel what their spirit needs, what their energetic essence would like to see or experience. Inspiration will come to you!

By establishing  this connection, as parents we help to enhance the spiritual awakening consciousness in the younger generations. The collective spirit of this generation might lead us to a new dimension of life where living has a purpose, and evolving becomes our first need.


How to transfer higher vibrations into the child’s Anahata chakra

One of the most special connection moments I share with my little Isis is when she is asleep.  I place my hand softly in her chest in her chakra Anahata (love chakra), and  start sending telepathic messages to her.

When the child sleeps, is the moment where the mayor cells reproduction takes place. The body works harder than during the day; cells are making bones, organs to grow, etc. If the child is exposed to sounds with lower vibrations or dense energy environments, the cells that are forming his or her body transport that information into its creation and will keep it there for a life time!. Then, that accumulation of negative impacts on the child’s developments is reflected in his personality, emotional disequilibrium, sadness, depression, lonely feelings among others.  On the other hand, if your child is exposed to higher frequency vibrations, as love vibration, on a continual basis, your child will keep that information inside the body cells that formed his body. Even though, MILLIONS of red blood cells are renovated every minute, they pass the same information to one and other.

Maybe you have heard about the impact of positive energy in the water molecules structure, or read about the power of intention. Well transferring love vibrations to your child’s heart is  more powerful. If the water molecules transform their structure into such beautiful shapes when it is exposed to high frequency vibrations of a sound or just with the vibration of a word like, peace, harmony, etc, written on a paper and placed under the bottle of water, can you imagine what happens with the cells, the molecules, atoms, and smaller energy particles in the body of a child?

A couple of years ago Mother Isis gave me a book to read. She told me: This is the magic power of energy that I have talked to you for so long”.  I read that book from Masaru Emoto, a Japanese researcher. He published in his book. ”The Message from Water”, the pictures taken in his research. Those pictures revealed the water molecules shape on its natural condition and  the new  marvelous shape they take after being exposed to prayers, music, and spiritual words among others.

**From Mr. Emoto’s work we are provided with factual evidence, that human vibration energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water….

….The body is very much like a sponge and is composed of trillions of chambers called cells that hold liquid. The quality of our life is directly connected to the quality of our water. [Taken from Mr. Emoto’s web site]**

That is why I encourage you to communicate on a continually basis  with your child anahata chakra.


When Isis is sleeping I place my right hand in her anahata chakra and say:

“I love you with all my power of love, I transfer to your heart this beautiful feeling I carry for you. Receive the love of your mother. You make me so happy every moment!. I am pleased with your presence. You are a precious creature of the universe. The cosmos is your original home, you came traveling through the stars to develop a mission on earth and I am here to support you and help you to fulfill your mission”. And as I am talking  from beyond my heart: my spirit, I feel like poetry is coming out of me, because what I express to her is not something I memorize, it just flows and flows. The most extraordinary moment is when I start feeling the energy flow from my hand, through every finger until it reaches her body, and she breaths deeply.

The next day I see in her eyes, happiness, joy. Therefore,  she has become a love giver. Besides that every toddler loves babies, she wants to hug every child, she wants to touch them gently and many times I see her trying to reach their hearts.

Therefore, if your child is like the water molecules exposed to  higher vibrations of love,  can you imagine into what they become exposed to your best Power of  intentions?

Although, there are children exposed to insults from the ones they love the most. However, I know adults who didn’t grow in a very loving environment  and the sadness they grow with, sometimes being  unconscious of it, became a huge transformation power that awakened their spirit. Though the  path to  reach that point was not easy.

Get into the journey of expressing love trough energy channels and make your child’s life happier than ever before. This is what I call: “Quantum Science of Love”.

Transform your child´s molecules into  happy ones, and at the same time your reward is that your are transforming yours.

With love,

Sri Yanimananda

** Full article about Mr. Motto’s work

Parents  Are Natural Healers

There is such love inside a mother’s heart, a father’s heart  that it could make a mountain move if it were necessary to protect their  child.  There is a power to create and transform that awakens when one becomes a mother or  father. Such power, and capacity to dream giving the best to our little ones, can do much more than that. It can go beyond our imagination and actually help and accelerate the healing process in the infant.

Every cell in our body is connected to them. So imagine 10 trillion  cells in your body with the capacity to connect, talk and give orders to the other 10 trillions cells  in your son or daughter’s body.

So if your child if sick, low of energy, in a bad mode or other, you may apply the energy transformation principle and change the condition they are going through into a more positive one.

Every child is a Spirit who previously chose you as a mother and father. It happened before they were conceived. So, their Spirit is a powerful particle of energy sent to your life to grow into our bodies in order to fulfill a mission on this transitory path of life. This particle of energy materializes itself with the conception process and start the magic of life. The most beautiful baby is born, but beyond that beauty  is a Spirit who brings all the universe knowledge, a mission to develop, a path to go through, and characteristics to become his or her personality in order to accomplish the mission, the purpose.

When we become aware who they really are as energy, and we see our selves as energy too, then we can modify the way energy behaves. If it is an illness, which is primarly an emotional or mental condition expressed through the body, then we can change the vibration frequency of their emotional, mental, energetic and physical circumstances.


Wait until your child is sleeping, sit close to him/her and place your hands on your lap. Make yourself feel harmonious by doing simple breathing cycles and not attending other thoughts in your mind. Ask for divine guidance and cosmic rays energy to nurture your child’s  CHI.  Express your sincere intentions about healing the body that lies next to you.

Wait  a couple of minutes and concentrate all your thoughts in the energy you are receiving.  Then place your hands over the child´s body without touching it.  Breath, relax and do the mantram Om, softly three to five times. Leave your hands for other more minutes and relax your hands over your lap again. Repeat the process again. The bigger love you feel for your child, the harder you should try your concentration and after a couple of times you will start feeling the energy  flowing through your hands! Enjoy the experience, love the results!


Sri Yanimananda

Toddlers do mantrams!

If a child does a short session of mantras daily they will reduce anxiety, grumpiness, and crying periods. While our toddler develop new brain connections every day, a lot of feelings modify their chakra vibrations. Just the excitement of learning the language produces lots anxiety.  Ajna(communications chakra) and Anahata (love chakra) change the vibration cycle every time they get nutty about not expressing verbally what they are already thinking. And that happens over and over during a single day. But if we teach them to do mantrams and practice them during the day every time you feel they need it, the anxiety rate will decrease significantly in your child and you will notice it immediately.

How to do it?

Tell them to do the mantram Om three times in the morning and three times at night at least. Help them take a basic meditation position and do the mantrams with them. In short time they will enjoy it and you will enjoy more looking at them producing such beautiful sound with vibrations that will resound in the universe.

It is so easy to do and that single step may change their day!

My child is just 2 ½ and she has been   doing mantrams before she was speaking. Sometimes she close her eyes, sometimes she doesn’t, but she makes the most beautiful happy faces. If those mantrams make them show happiness it is because it is much more what is happening inside them. Chakras Anahata and Ajna are now back on track!

With love,

Sri Yanimananda